December 1st, 2021 | by LeaLove


Hi friends.

For all those new to my blog, welcome! To the people who have been reading my posts from the beginning, thank you!

Thousands of you have been following my Instagram account @lealovewriter, where I’ve posted daily positive quotes that have fed my soul (and hopefully have fed yours as well). I love my community! Many of you may or may not know that I’ve been using my blog platform to write about my past experiences with intimate partner violence – what happened to me and how it affected my life – for two years now.

The topics have ranged from: dating, red flags and warning signs, ex-wives, possessiveness and control, gaslighting, physical/emotional/psychological, and verbal abuse, animal cruelty, harassments and threats, lawyers and judges, nightmares and night terrors, and Post Traumatic Stress.

My internal closets have been cleaned out of all the pain I’d stuffed away from the one relationship that dramatically altered my life. And when I mean dramatic, I mean DRAMATIC (I’ve written a memoir and I’m currently looking for an agent and publisher).

I’m ready to move on in the new year, January 2022, with a new idea. With a new possibility. One that I’m passionate about. Healing. Health. Happiness.

How did I reconcile with the trauma that was inflicted on me? How did I heal the psychic and energetic wounds from my past?  How did I overcome issues of trust, low self-esteem, judgmental thoughts, or self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns? What modalities of healing are out there for survivors?

I’m eager and enthusiastic to walk you down my healing path. To show you the many directions I took, some wild and some tame, but always ever-evolving.

Let me show you what helped me. Maybe it will help you too.

I love you.

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