May 1st, 2022 | by LeaLove


I’ve been alive for approximately 18, 632 days, this life time 🙂

Within those thousands of days, music has been my constant.

It started with the music of my mother’s heart beat – the stable beat of her life, giving me life. When I was born, it was the music of her voice and the music of the world. I started to talk when I was young and I loved to sing. I remember being three years old, and being surrounded by my extended family in our living room, singing out the latest songs I knew. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Ba Ba Black Sheep. Mary Had a Little Lamb. My ABC’s. Everyone clapped and marveled at my tiny voice.

In the seventies, my parents bought a console record player. The ones that looked like a giant piece of furniture. Weekend mornings were spent cooking breakfast and listening to Elton John, Neil Diamond, ABBA, Simon and Garfunkel, and John Denver. I wore puffy headphones and belted out tunes in our sunken living room. I joined the school choir in fourth grade, and learned Christmas songs. I sang on the ferry between the island I grew up on, and the mainland, at City Hall, and at Government House for the Lieutenant Governor.

For my twelfth birthday my mom bought me my first boom box. It was metallic silver and from Sears. It had a single tape cassette and she’d gifted me rock – Creedence Clearwater Revival and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. I thought it sounded like old people music. Ha! That didn’t stop me from carrying it around on my shoulder in my neighborhood. Later in my teens I began to collect records – The Police, Van Halen, AC/DC, Pet Shop Boys, Twisted Sister (which I begged my mom for), Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Bon Jovi.

Into adulthood, music has been my forever companion. When I’ve felt sad, I’ve put on melancholy sounds with sorrowful lyrics, and let the tears flow. Or I’ve put on upbeat, joyous music to lift my spirits. I love sing-along songs while driving, and instrumental music while reading. When I went through my divorce, I woke up every morning, put on my headphones, and danced my worries and fears away.

I passed on my love of singing and music to my daughter over the years. I’ve connected with groups of friends all  over the world around music. I have friends in amazing bands. My fiancé and I both love the fact that we share a joyful passion around pop and dance music.

Music connects. Music heals. Music is life itself.












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