January 1st, 2022 | by LeaLove

Happy New Year Loves!

Last night my fiancé and I sat at our kitchen table and created Vision Boards. This practice has been a part of my life for the last eighteen years. I enjoy connecting into my creative side and making meaningful art. I’ve used Vision Boards to acknowledge and give thanks for what I’ve been gifted in life or for what I’ve achieved. Last night I assembled one to visually set my goals, wishes, and intentions for 2022.

I went to local thrift stores and collected all kinds of magazines – Gardening, National Geographic, Astronomy, Arts and Entertainment, and Pop Magazines. I bought poster board, a bottle of glue, and a pair of small scissors. I added glitter for that extra sparkly magic. Go wild, it’s your Vision Board.

My scissors felt like a sacred divination tool, guiding me to meaningful pictures and words for my life. After I cut and cut, and there was a substantial pile to work from, I got clear about what I wanted to channel my energy and focus into. Then I got quiet and took in a few deep breaths. The kind of breaths that make your lungs and rib cage and stomach expand. I connected into a deep presence, then surrendered. I was guided as I reached for the pile of words and images, arranging them in perfect beauty on my poster board.

The end result always emanates a sense of magic and power and truth. My magic. My power. My truth.

I love to pin up my Vision Board on the wall at the end of my bed. Each morning as I wake, and each night before I sleep, I put my focus on the images, and read aloud the words. They keep me aligned with my purpose.

I give thanks for the fruition of my dreams.

Have you ever made a Vision Board? What materials do you create with? What do you use this practice for? Share below in the comments. I’d love to hear your ideas, and I’m sure everyone else will too!

Happy New Year xo

P.S. 2022 – The number two in numerology represents love, peace, balance, clarity, new beginnings, and spiritual maturity. Wishing you the most beautiful year of your life.






Greetings 2022

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