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Hi Loves,

The whole purpose for the creation of this site was to share my personal stories of domestic violence and abuse (scary and awful), my separation from my X (which was a real-life horror movie), child custody issues (on the extreme end of things), my involvement with the court systems in the U.S. and Canada, and how they were a detriment to my daughter and I (no one understands what happened), and how we ended up going into hiding for protection. I wanted to shed light on an issue – mothers in hiding – that seemed to be in the shadows of domestic violence education. I also wanted to create a space where women and their families could share their life experiences and feel loved and supported.

I still think this idea is great.

Yet, I realize that I no longer find it useful to rehash my past, without also sharing the glory. I wonder if others feel the same way too. I spent 8 years writing down my story, healing along the way. I’ve gone over and over some not so pleasant memories. After I edited and chopped and winnowed the words, I realized what was most important to me. What had started to sing and vibrate with life in my memoir:

Presence and Love

What interests me most about my story is my super hero mama triumphs over massive obstacles. If I’d been on a growth chart, my learning curve would have been vertical (hindsight is 20/20). There’s nothing like hardship to keep you in the NOW and to teach you about gratitude for even the infinitesimal delights. So, I had this thought. Let’s talk about our hardships, but let’s not stop there. Let’s talk about how it changed us for the better. How it became a profound transformation. How it made us into the resilient, liberated, brave, open-hearted, lover-of-life people we are today.

Are you in?

Do you have a story to share? Write to me @ mothersinhidingblog@gmail.com

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