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When life challenges are upon you, and there are no words to speak of trauma, how does one begin on the healing path?

As a sexual ritual abuse survivor, I needed to find alternative healing outside of talk therapy, as talking was just not enough for me. I began with journaling in my diary at ten years of age. I laid down words, and filled up once empty books, of everything going on inside and outside my world. Today, forty-five years later, a journal continues to be my first level of creativity. Throughout the years, I have added many creative mediums, that I use as a compass of my inner and outer world. That led me to be an Expressive Art Facilitator and Artist. I create and initiate spontaneous, expressive, creative, processes for people.

Art saved my life, then and now. So how does art heal?

Art making is a dialogue between the body, mind, and spirit, expressed through diverse creative projects from doodling to knitting. It brings one into the here and now, lowering stress levels as you go within and tap into the inner self.

Art making is playtime with the materials in front of you, and can be anything you want it to be with no set outcome.

Art making is letting go, during the creative process, of negative feelings, anxieties or depression.

Art making encourages creative thinking.

Art making enhances self-esteem.

Art making is self-care.

Art making is self-expression and self-exploration.

Art making is storytelling, poetry, music, dance, visual arts, painting, sculpture and so much more.

Art making lets us express things we cannot express in words.

Art making does not have an expiry date.

Art making is a moment in time when time itself appears to stand still. You become so intertwined with your self-expression, that other thoughts dissipate.

I encourage and support you in finding creativity in all its diverse forms as a way that you can communicate.

May the creative force be with you.

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