November 30th, 2017 | by LeaLove

Every time I see a missing children’s poster I get scared.

Then I get mad. Wait. I get it. There are organizations in Canada and the U.S. and internationally, who’s sole purpose is to search out and find runaways, stranger abductions, online exploitations, and child sex trafficking. I want them to find these people too. I care about all of the children and teens that are being harmed.

Did you also know that they search for parental abductions? I can imagine that you are nodding your heads and saying good. If you break the law and abscond with your kids, you should be found. Maybe you even think that the parent should be charged and locked up for a long time.

But here’s the thing. One of the most frequent types of cases reported to these centers are parental abductions. The least frequent cases are stranger abductions. On one of the sites it states that the number one reason a parent abducts their children is from feeling victimised by the courts. Doesn’t it seem that something must be wrong with our judicial systems if parents are running off with their kids?

It’s my opinion that men abduct their children for power and control over their exes. Women on the other hand, abduct their children as a last resort when every lawyer, judge, and court has failed to believe them. When the only way they can protect their children from sexual or psychological or physical violence, is taking them into hiding.

Every time I hear an amber alert on the radio, or see a shared missing person post on Facebook by my friends and family, I wonder if the woman and her kids were abused. I wonder if her X had a lot of money to use for a lawyer or if he was a scheming psychopath. I wonder what kind of horrors that woman and her children were escaping, that were so bad, that she was willing to break the law to protect them. To be hunted. To give up her whole life as she knew it, to keep them safe.

I found a missing person flyer of me online once. The photo of me had been altered in a way that made me look sinister. They chose the saddest looking photo they could find of my daughter, and in the description of her, they worded it in a way that made it appear that I’d harmed her. And I hadn’t. This is why I get mad. I was one of those mom’s who would have done anything to protect my child.

All I’m trying to say is that, the next time you see a missing children’s flyer or an amber alert where a kid has been taken, there might be another side to the story. Especially if it’s a mother.

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