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The back story.

(Inhale) As a young Canadian woman I fell in love with an older hippie man in Hawaii got pregnant had a baby and he became very abusive and my child and I left then through keen manipulation he got custody of my daughter and I went into hiding to protect her but was found eight years later and she was given back to him like a piece of property that he owned. (Exhale)

His words- You got her for eight years, now I get her for eight years.

For three years I fought him and the Hawaiian courts to protect my child. I lost. The circumstances around the judicial system, the judge, and my X’s lawyers was straight out of a sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, mystery, drama, dystopian, horror book. He won sole custody.

Back to the last time I talked to my X.

I hadn’t seen my daughter in those three years because I had been barred from the U.S.. She was now 13 years old. But I had my bar lifted for one year. The court had ordered that I was allowed one supervised visit, once a week, for one hour. We had been doing it by phone. I wanted to come to Hawaii and have my one-hour visit in person.

I called my X to talk it over with him.

He was shocked that I would fly from Canada to Hawaii for a one-hour visit. At first he didn’t believe me. He couldn’t comprehend that I would do anything for my child.

He reiterated that I was only allowed to have a one-hour visit. I agreed. Then he told me that I would have to hire a highly trained psychologist to be there, because I had multiple personality disorder and I was dangerous. I don’t have any mental health issues, but agreed to do this. I even offered that he could pick the psychologist and I would pay for it.

He then told me that there would also need to be a highly trained police officer in the room. I kept on agreeing with his demands. He was astonished by my determination. But I kept calm and level. I let him believe he was in complete control of the situation. Of me.

Then he told me that the highly trained police officer would have to strip search me. Would I be up for that? I said yes. He went on to say that the officer would also have to do an anal probe. I agreed to that as well.

This is how the conversation ended.

My X told me that his truck was broken and that he couldn’t bring my daughter to the visitation. He didn’t know when his truck would get fixed. He couldn’t make any promises of ever showing up with her.

I knew then, that I would not see her again until she was eighteen.

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#33 The Last Time I Talked To My X

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