April 18th, 2019 | by LeaLove

It was a challenge to escape my abusive X in Hawaii.

I was on an island in the Pacific Ocean, 2700 miles away from home. And my X’s favorite hobby was me. He thrived on manipulation and control. But I had something he didn’t have. Power-house women. They were there for me. They had my back.

First was my mom. She never liked my X and suspected that something wasn’t quite right about him from the beginning. Even though my dad thought that I was exaggerating my problems and wanted me to stay in the relationship, Mom always believed me. She was on my side. And she wanted my daughter and I to get the hell out of there immediately. She was concerned for our safety and bought us a plane ticket.

When I arrived back in Canada, scared and exhausted, she was there to pick up the pieces of my life. When my dad turned against me and sided with my X, showing his own manipulative, abusive nature, Mom protected me from him.

I had to start my life over with nothing more than a few boxes of clothes. Again it was a woman who helped. A welfare worker listened to my story and believed me. She took quick action to provide financial support for rent, and food, and furnishings.

When we were settled and safe, another woman suggested that I join a young mom’s support group, where I grew with friendship and community. It was the moms, the women, who were there for me and my daughter every day.
It was the woman who nurtured and protected, and most of all, listened and believed.

I’m grateful for all the women who cared.

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